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Positive Air Filtration specializes in air filtration and pressurization systems for your equipment and operator cabs. Are you looking for a complete solution for providing clean air to the operator in your cab? Do you or your employees work in areas where air quality is poor? Are your operators working in hazardous conditions, such as in demolition (including asbestos handling), waste handling, composting, farming, and dusty environments? With top quality materials and fast service, we are happy to help. With our fully equipped mobile workshops, an extensive range of stock parts and fast service, we keep your equipment in excellent condition to minimize downtime.
Because quality is our highest priority, our units are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, since this material is ideal for use in any polluted environment and in all conditions. Together with our Cabin Control Units, these components meet the highest quality standards, the CE Machinery Directive and Conditions Health and Safety legislation, as contained in the publication CROW 132 and BS 4444 (The Netherlands). In North America, the most common way of ensuring the operator is breathing clean air centers around the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as face masks equipped with filters. By keeping the operators entire cab clean instead, we see many benefits. The operator does not need to wear an uncomfortable, sweaty face mask. Operators no longer need to be clean shaven for a mask to fit well. The entire cab stays free of dust and harmful contaminants, and this keeps the electronic controls inside the cab from corroding, making your investment in your equipment last longer.

How it Works:

The PAF unit is mounted outside of the cab. The cab is sealed well to minimize air leaks. The selected filters are inserted into the unit. A Cabin Control Unit (CCU) is mounted inside the cab, so that the operator can monitor conditions. When the unit is running, all air entering the operator cab is drawn through the filters and into the cab. This constant drawing of air creates a slight positive pressure inside the cab, ensuring that contaminated air is not drawn in through any un-sealable holes, such as key holes.
By ensuring the cab is well sealed, air flows through the filters at a low speed. This ensures that the filters are more efficient and last longer. We have several types of Cabin Control Units. The Standard CCU measures only the amount of overpressure, and is used where dust is the only concern. The CCU+ is equipped with a HydroCarbon sensor that monitors the level of HC’s in the cab as well as the amount of overpressure. The CCU will alarm when there is not enough overpressure or when the amount of HC’s in the cab exceeds 5ppm.
Proper filter selection is paramount. The following filters are available:
  • P1 dust filters
  • P3 HEPA filters
  • Activated carbon filters (types A, B, E, K, Hg or any combination)

Why Us?

  • More than 6 years of experience
  • Personal and expert advice
  • Heavy Duty 304 stainless steel filter box
  • Fully equipped mobile service vehicles
  • Urgent deliveries and on-site service
  • Partner network in Canada, Europe and beyond
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